Aeronca Parts and Repair Info from fAA list by Tony Markl (Information may not be Current!)


Aileron Bearings Aircraft Spruce has them. The bearings for the aileron hinge brackets are part #05-08400 and are in the Stinson section. Univair lists them the same way. The bearings for the aileron attach point on the bell crank are KP4A's. These only work if your hinges haven't been bored out to accept other bearings

Aileron push rod assy get at ACS? $18 female threaded rod ends nut is AN316-4R

Aileron rod ends Fafnir REPB3N $48 Wicks 8002219425

Airbox - Cessna ones don’t fit (WA) SAR $210

Air Filter – Airmaze filter #2-849 330 928 4100 Stow OH

Air Filter Brackett STC SA71GL need 337 ( better-Gregg)

Brackett kit BA154-drill a couple of holes, sample 337 provided Brackett website

Aircraft Wood -Try M. L. Condon Company, Inc. 260 Ferris Avenue, White Plains, NY (914)
946-4111, FAX (914) 946-3779

Airspeed Indicator Check (from Mark Peterson)

Axle Nuts are 1 1/2" 18 pitch according to SAR

Axle struts new $350 each 7-451

Baggage Compartment Aircraft Spruce and Air Tex Products (215) 295 – 4115 259 Lower Morrisville

Road, Fallsington, PA 19054

Bearings Wheel Timken 13889 (from Randy Johnson) 800 535 9638

Bolts primary ones to replace (from Bob Parker)

Front Wing Strut Lower Bolt AN6-16 3/8-24

Front Wing Strut Upper Bolt AN5-15 5/16-24

Rear Wing Strut Lower Bolt AN5-7 5/16-24

Rear Wing Strut Upper Bolt AN6-24 3/8-24

Wing Butt to Fuselage Bolt AN6-14 3/8-24

Wing Butt to Fuselage Bolt AN4-13 1/4-28

Landing Gear

Front Upper Bolt................AN6-16 3/8-24

Rear Upper Bolt................AN6-30 3/8-24

Lower at Axle Strut............AN6-23 3/8-24

Axle Strut to Fuselage.......AN5-15 5/16-24

Engine Mount to Fuselage

Upper and Lower...............AN7-32 7/16-20

Engine Mount to Engine

Upper and Lower...............AN7-37 7/16-20

Books Charlie Lasher 407 331 7655 grandson David sells them address on fAA site

Brakes, Van Sickle Cleveland?? Jim & Madelyn Greene
6910A Buford Highway Doraville, Georgia 30340 (770) 446-6797

Skybound 770-446-6797 has brake parts (per Cy) also API Aerospace Products (per bob Olen)


Brake clips Goodyear– Jim Barclay PA 724 887 8888 U shaped type with buttons (pn 9523482 pn 9523937? anti rattle clips,pn 955383 buttons) 480-917-0969 used new 52 each, Cessna 320 uses same $22 ea

Jon Bobelli 603 744 2032 makes the Ushaped clips – sells on eBay for $15+ each

Type with 3/8" square hole Made by Bill Schaedler - Tony Markl has them to give away

Brake pucks $9.95 Barry Jay Aviation, Inc.800-826-3160 (out of business ???)

Carb should flow 1 gal in less than 5 min = 12gph

Stromberg float level 13/32" needle drop ..048 " minimum

MA-3PA carb is better – (per Gregg Horrell)

Carb Stromberg Rebuild Kit Fresno $90 and manual cheapest place per Richard Dorman

Carb Repair John Rossen Dinuba Ca 559 5913359

Compass Sacramento Sky Ranch - fluid, diaphragm, gaskets

Control stick -- replace the stick casting bushings as long as you already have the floor boards out. If your only doing the front stick you don't have to remove it from the plane to replace the bushings. Just remove the AN6-25 bolt and AN310-6 nut, slide out the steel bushings and replace in reverse order. Save the large washers but replace the cotter key on assembly. Call Joe at Safe Air Repair in Albert Lea MN 507-373-7129 Part No. 1-2550 they can ship them same day. Do not torque the bolt tight but just enough for the cotter key to slide in the hole. The AN24-16 and AN320-4 at the very bottom of the stick casting is what AD 48-39-01 is all about. That is only finger tight so you don't squeeze the casting and crack it

Control stick boot _ Airtex $22/pair

Control surfaces – Dec 03 hundreds of control surfaces 888 352 6287 705 327 4730 Canada

Cover, generator plate Precision air parts

Data Block Aerographics Loveland CO $18 800 336 9633

Data block U.S. ARMY L-16A


DEL. 5162

Service this airplane

With grade 89 aviation

Fuel, if not available

TO – 06 -5 –1 will be

Consulted for

Emergency action

Decals - recommended by Carl 970 461-2057

Decal Removal - hair dryer, WD40, auto store has a liquid for this purpose

Door handles

Door handles 910 353 4521

Door latch New complete Safeair $95 (Citabria type?)

Door Lock SAR part 1-2861 but it is flush outside with key Original is R M Decker and 17/32 wide, 1 21/32 deep and 2 Ό between screw holes

Door repair Dave Rude Lagrange NY

Drag wire tension 20-25 inlb (per Carl) same as 10-32 hardware

Engine Oil Filter -El Reno (Carl approves of them)

Engine Publications Cub Club 262 966 7627 1002 Heather Lane, Hartford, WI 53027

Operator's Handbook for A50,65,75,80 & C75,85.....$10.00
Continental Maintenance/Overhaul Manual for C75,C85, C90, O-200A.....$20.00
Operation Manual & Service Maintenance for A,C,and O-200 Engines....$10.00
Service Bulletin (MSA-2) on replacing venturi on MA3 & 4 carbs.....$2.00
Service Bulletin MSA-7 for replacing carb nozzle on O-200 w/one pieceventuri.....$2.00
Service Bulletin (CF 1-92) on Marvel Schebler MA-3 & MA-4 floats......$2.00

Continental Service Bulletins

Several to convert A65 to A75, C85 to C90, etc.....$15.00
M46-23 Valve Problems .....$2.00
M46-24 Preventing Oil leaks in A & C Series Rocker Box Covers.....$2.00
M46-25 Mag & Plug Gaps ......$2.00
M46-32 Update on M46-23 Valve Problems....$2.00
M47-9m Piston Pin Changes for C Series.....$2.00
M47-26 Crankshaft updates for A & C Series.....$2.00
M48-12 First 50 Hr. Check – Extra info to prevent oil leaks and parts breakage.....$2.00
M48-20 New Piston Pins/Plugs for A & C Series Engines .....$2.00
M48-29 Fuel & Oil Recommendations ......$2.00
M49-2 Cam & Filter Combinations for C90 ......$2.00
M49-4 C Series Generator Drive Coupling Changes .....$2.00
M49-15 A & C Series Valve Springs – ident & usage .....$2.00
M49-17 Cam Change for C90 .....$2. 00
M63-5 Fuel & Oil Recommendations .....$2.00
M64-4 A & C Series Delco Remy Starter Adjustments .....$2.00
M76-4 Installation of Prop Shaft or Crank Oil Seals ......$2.00
M77-19 Ident of C Series & O-200 Exhaust Rocker Arms ......$2.00
M79-11 Starter Clutch & Crankcase Mod for O-200 .....$2.00
M88-11 Piston Comp Ring Table of Limits – C Series & O-200 .....$2.00
M86-9 Mod crank case when replacing P/N 530182 w/crank P/N 531434 (C90 & O-200) .....$2.00
M92-8 Installation of 4 1/16 inch dia cylinder assemblies for C series & O-200....$2.00
M93-13 Carb Air Box Inspections for C Series & O-200.....$2.00
M96-7 Continental Torque Limits .....$2.00
M96-11 Prop Strikes & Hydraulic Lock .....$2.00
Directions for Overhauling Carb Air Boxes......$2.00

Engines 65 and 85 - Cy Hetherington Hot Springs Aviation AK

Engine Conversions

Two and only two changes, both to the carb. Larger venturi and large main jet. All described in a service letter. Venturi goes from 1 5/16" to 1 3/8" Main jet from 46 to 45 drill size. same rpm, (per Cy Galley)

Engine Cooling Winter Front and Baffles – Joe at Safeair has L-16 manual pages showing parts info

Engine Cylinder Cermichroming (from Carl) Try ECI in San Antonio, TX. Have done good work for me in the past or 800-324-2359

Engine Oil Filter from El Reno, called a model TAF, bolts onto the crank case on the left side just to the rear of the cylinder. STC'd for C75 up to O-200. It's very neat and cost $199.50. You may have to build a new rear baffle but I had to make all new baffles anyway so it didn't matter. It uses a spin on filter which is supplied. I found El Reno very good to deal with Phone (405) 262-2387 (from Ian in Australia)

Engine Oil Pump – lost its prime - If its not been too long you can chock the main wheels and raise the tail up 5-6 ft for a minute, that will let some of the oil in the back of the pump housing move to the oil gears. If its been a while you may have to remove the oil screen filter and with a oil can pump oil into the oil passage to the gears. .You can also remove the oil pressure line and squirt oil into the line
(in the direction of the engine). -OR- The way that seemed to work real well for me......remove the oil filler cap, take air blow gun hooked to a compressor and stuff a rag in the top of the oil filler neck to make a seal around the blow gun. As you add air pressure spin the prop. Be sure the mags are off and
the throttle closed.. Be aware that oil can be forced out of the filler neck.

Engine rebuilding Mattituck 800 624 6680

Engine rebuilding - ECI parts) 501 394 5890 (per Carl) (Bob Parker)

Engine Parts- Nicks Aero Service 219 99 3100 FL

Exhaust system repair Dawley 800 338 5420 (per Carl and Bumper)

Fabric supplies 888 888 3334 Jim and Dondi Miller – also Envelopes

Flight Manual Essco, Inc. has L- 16 manual East 330 644-0886 West 310 459-0446

Fuel Tanks – Clarence Witte 309 594 2280 (AM only) 201 N 1st St Neponset IL 61345 makes Cub/Champ

fuel tanks (per Jody Wittmeyer).

Fuel Tank Caps vented cap at Wag-Aero Cat no E-482-000 cost $8-10 800-558-6868 (Mike Knemeyer)

Fuel Tank Grommet Richard 'Dick' H. Love, P.O. Box 448, Dillsburg, Pa 17019 717-432-4079
Fuel Tank Gages

Fuel Tank Gages 28-31 Model A OBSOLETE FORD PARTS, Inc. gasket kit Part A-9320-S $5.95

entire gage A 9312-D $39.95 8701 South Interstate 35 - Oklahoma City, OK 7314

405-631-3933 FAX: 405-634-6815 (per Brian and Carl) fuel gage parts (Carl)

Gaskets Gascolator NAPA same as AC fuel filter (Carl)

Instrument Overhaul Lock haven Pa

Instrument Overhaul Century Instrument 800-733-0116

Landing Gear Repair – Aeronca Service Letter 6 covers this

Landing Gear Safe Air Repair (SAR) is the best source of parts for your oleos. You can rebuild them yourself or have Dave Rude of the fAA list do it, it is not hard. There are 2 different taxi springs
Here is a page that shows how to rebuild the original oleos, it is similar to the no bounce. (by John Baker)

Landing gear repair instructions Joe Dickey 812 537 9354

If the holes are elongated in the landing gear, I have a copy of the service bulletin on

approved repairs for the gear. Contact me to get a copy.

Logos – 800 532 9738 Aeronca Tail Logo Moody Aero Graphics 800 749 2462

A friend who is in the business of manufacturing and selling die-cut numbers and letters cautioned me to get a bottle of Windex type glass cleaner, spray it on where you are going to put the product, then move the numbers/letters/logos around and site them to your satisfaction. The glass cleaner will evaporate and you will have a nice smooth, straight job. To take things of that ilk off, get a hair dryer. (from Robert)

Magnetos new Slick Mattituck (per Cy Galley ) get new harness free with core – no elbows needed

Magnetos (Case) overhaul manual (from Dave Matthews)

Magneto overhaul John Rossen Dinuba Ca 559 591 3359 (from Steve ‘Gandy) Maxwell Magneto (cheaper than El Reno) (per Terry )

Magneto repair Eisemann Savage Magneto they like vintage mags, take forever to repair (per Bud Struck

Manual for L-16 No need to have it scanned. I already have all three L-16 manuals electronically. E-mail off line if you want a copy BRAD G. MARCUM Marcum Brad G Civ AETC/DOFR

Manuals - Essco, Inc, 426 Turkeyfoot Lake Rd., Akron, OH 44319. 330-644-7724, FAX 330-644-0886 or

Models (wood) Bob Cline 2009 Guildford St .Huntington, IN 46750 260-356-4773 (per Brian Matz)
[ Delete ]

Parts Used Tim Talen 541-746 6572

Doug Ronan 7053274730 reasonable

Andy Palmer Rt 3, Box 290, Kosciusko, Ms 39090 662 2894681 all aircraft not just Aeronca

Pins - to wear- makes all kind of aviation stuff

Placards MOODY Aero Graphics. 800 749 2462.

Placards Aerographics – Marilyn 800 336 9633

Props Propman Kissimmee FL 407 932 2222

Prop bolt torque 300-360in/lb (from Carl)

Prop help 877 776 7435

Radio Ground Plane made with aluminum screening (from Scott Gifford)

Recovering with pop rivets –Bill Pancake STC for .025 ribs

Rigging Rig the elevator reference the horizontal stab chord line. 27 deg.up - 21.5 deg down per page 4, T.O. 1L16A-2. 24 down will get you into the unstable zone. 24 up will lose the flare at forward C.G.( Carl)

-When you rig the ailerons, be aware that there is a difference in the different manuals as to the correct tension on the aileron cables. The 7AC manual calls for 45-55 lbs. The 7EC manual calls for 22-28 lbs. The L16 manual calls for 25 to 30 lbs. These all have the same airframe and systems. IMHO, the 45-55 lbs is way to high and makes the ailerons really stiff. Keep it below 30 lbs (Jerry) .(Carl agrees)

Rubber molding for wing root fairngs - Safeair part # 1-796

Sealing leaks Loctite 290 is made to wick itself and harden stop fuel leaks do not use on plexiglas.

Seal leaks with Bar Soap Cy Galley

Spars-- Carl makes them $300 materials/each

Spark plugs REM 37BY new type has short barrel 3/16 shorter (per Carl )

STC The ribs on early Champs were .020, and the fabric was attached with screws. There is an STC for pop rivets, #SA4760NM, issued to Cashmere Aviation, Inc., 925 Lower Sunnyslope, Wenatchee, WA 98801; owner William Markey, (509) 663-6851). It calls for 3/32" rivets and washer. (per Cy and Frank)

just talked to Bill Pancake. He said that he has been using pop-rivets on ALL Aeroncas for 25 years using field approval. Thick or thin, wide or narrow, the FAA field approves them all for him (per Cy)

STC list

Type in then click on Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). Then click

Go Directly to SEARCH. Click on TC Number. Type in A-759 (thats the type certificate

number for Aeroncas). Click SEARCH. This will give you 167 STC's for Aeroncas.

Struts - Tim Talen can make them 541 7466572

Tail wires are PN 1-2340(all four the same) with AN665-21L and AN665-21R terminals backed with

AN315-3L and AN315-3R locking nuts

We now have new flying wires available for the Sedan by part no. If you need wires for other models of Aeronca I can supply as owner produced part under FAR 21.303(b)(2). The wires are made from 316 SS, 95,000 min tensile, rolled left and right hand threads. The wire come with the jam nuts only. I do not have a good source yet for the terminal ends. Prices are out of sight for my cost.($(16-22.00 ea.)You can reuse your own if they are still serviceable. Figure cost at .50 per inch plus $9.50 for the left and right hand threads per wire with jamb nuts. Shipping & ins. is up to purchaser

Tailwheel Maule 912 985 2045 x239 Bruce

Tailwheel Scott website is technical questions 716-686-1725.

Tires <> or 800-AIR-TIRE (per Bob Parker Gregg reccomends Airhawk)

Tools, Aircraft, USED from Bob Parker

Wings Greg Dart - a pair ready for cover with ailerons $3000 Nov 01 716 752 2160

Wings built by Pete Plumb Wood Wing Specialties 1(661)391-9464

Wing trammeling On the drag/antidrag wires About 50"lb is what you need on the tension. I've found that by setting the wing on two short sawhorses at the inner and outer compression struts, you can rattle the wing
about a bit to equalize the tension between progressive tightening. Usually takes me about four passes before everything settles in. I just use a framing square as string lines prove to be unreliable. Be sure to put a
spacer in the wing attach fittings equal to the spacing on the fuselage attach points or the wing will not fit the fuselage. I welded one up out of square tubing with a barb on the opposite side to facilitate handling of the
wing when covering. (from Carl)

.I spent a few minutes with Bill Pancake last night getting some additional information that I will share with the group. Bill mentioned that he trammels the wing bottom side up because it is easier and that was the way they did it at the factory. He said to level it with shims, oil the wire threads, and bring them up to 16"lbs. Start to trammel at the wing strut attach bay. Get that trammeled then go to the outboard bay and trammel that one, then go to the bay inboard of the bay with the wing strut attach fittings and trammel that one. Lastly trammel the most inboard bay. He also mentioned, and I was unaware, that the wires must overlap alternatively in each bay. By that I mean that in one bay going left to right the most inboard wire goes on top of the other one. The next bay is just the opposite and so on. I was confused because I thought all the bays had to be the same. Each bay has to be trammeled independently. I have a shipping jig the factory uses when someone orders new wings. They create a rectangular jig that holds both wings bottom to bottom for
shipping. If you know of anyone ordering new wings from American Champion, don't let them get rid of the shipping jig. I use that to mount in the wing attach fittings while tightening/trammeling the wing. Last night, I got the wing bays to within 1/16th of an inch before I looked up at the clock and saw it was Midnight and packed it in. . I can't say enough thanks to Bill for his help. (from Joe Preston)
Type Certificate Data Sheet (from Mike Knemeyer)

Winter Front (from Pete Gavin) Stuff/

Wood graining procedure Contact Evan Westlake 863 299 4494













Other Sources

Bellanca Champion Club Newsletter Editor
Reasonable document reprints 518-731-6800 Robert Szego

Bill Pancake (tips on the NAA site)

Chanpion spark plug tech rep Frank Gurko - 888 435 5433 Champion Spark Plugs 864 834 5400
REM 37BY For Shielded Ignition
Champion Aviation Products Bill Austin 864 843 5400
Citabria owners Group Carl Petersen 636 Iona Lane Roseville, MN 55113 612-628-0173

CJ Spray (per Bob and Tony) 800 328 4827 x 1240- these guys know the Croix (Graco) spray systems and

sell parts and give good advice

El Reno (rec by Bob Parker

Homebuilder supplies

Instrument restoration Century Instrument (316) 683 – 7571

Superior Instrument Service MI 248 6663450 Chuck

Instrument repair

Info John Houser 1615 Sunset St .Middletown, OH 45042 513 422-2252


Safeair 507 373 7129 Most Aeronca parts. Joe and Dan are very helpful and will send drawings

Sedan stuff (15AC) lots

7AC Restoration Specialties hubcaps, metal placards, label plates,-RR#2 ,Box 147B ,Stonington, CT 06378